I do not claim to be a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but I have been in church almost all my life (nearly 62 years at this writing) and have been observing the decline of Christianity and our churches. At least two things I’ve observed:

  1. We don’t have nearly as many saved people sitting in our pews as we think we do, and

  2. of the saved, a very small percentage have made Jesus Christ Lord of their lives.

    I believe a big part of our problem is that most churches leave the third part of the Great Commission – discipleship – teaching our people what we believe and why we believe it, and how to be witnesses for Christ.

    I’ve compared the answer to this problem to the “save a penny a day and double it every day” philosophy. Let me explain.

    If there was only one saved person in the world, and that one determined by the help and grace of God he/she was going to lead a soul to Christ and disciple them, and do just one per year, and if each one won and discipled their one each year, here is the possibility at the end of the year:

Year Disciples Year Disciples Year Disciples
1 2 13 4,096 25 16,777,216
2 4 14 8,192 26 33,554,432
3 8 15 16,384 27 67,108,864
4 16 16 32,768 28 134,217,728
5 32 17 65,536 29 268,435,456
6 64 18 131,072 30 536,870,912
7 128 19 262,144 31 1,073,741,824
8 256 20 524,288 32 2,147,483,648
9 512 21 1,048,576 33 4,294,967,296
10 1,024 22 2,097,152 34 8,589,934,592
11 2,048 23 4,194,304 35 17,179,869,184
12 4,096 24 8,388,608 36 34,359,738,368

    Using the same scenario, if you had twenty people in your church that would do this, here is the possibility at the end of the year:

Year Disciples Year Disciples
1 40 6 1,280
2 80 7 2,560
3 160 8 5,120
4 320 9 10,240
5 640 10 20,480

    I realize that not everyone we witness to is going to get saved, but you can see the potential. The two discipleship materials I recommend are by Dr Paul Chappell of Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster California, or by Dr. Clarence Sexton of Temple Baptist Church in Powell Tennessee. Dr. Chappell also has a soul winning course or workbook: To Seek and To Save.

    There are other discipleship courses out there I don’t recommend because of who they are connected to, and others I’m sure I don’t know about.

    I pray the possibilities presented stir you as they have excited me. If you have any questions, please call (336) 884-2507.

    I’m not interested in helping the neo-evangelical nor contemporary crowds build their churches, but feel free to share with KJV Bible believing pastors and churches.

Prayerfully and respectfully submitted,

Ray Alcon

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